Trail Map

Each week, you'll be emailed a 2 page trail map.  It will consist of a cover page, outlining the particular trail we'll be exploring that week and a second page of sights you won't want to miss along the way.  At the end of our weekly excursion, we'll set up CAMP:

C:Commentary- A quick guide to what attribute of God we'll be looking for on our hike
A:Asking God- Some questions to ask of God along the way
M:More to Read- Ideas of passages to read or words to study to dig deeper
P:Putting it out there- Questions for you to answer on either this blog, the Facebook page, or on your own blog (and you can share your link here)

here's a sneak peek at what your pages will look like:

There are some changes to be made, and lots of text to be filled in, but I thought you might be excited to see even a glimpse of what's ahead!