Q & A

Here are the answers to some of the questions I'm being asked. If you have more questions, send me an email by clicking HERE

Q:What is the commitment level on this?
A: By registering, you are committed to doing the following for six weeks:
1. Read the assigned chapter of the book of Joshua each week
2. Read the two-page study guide each week (Trail Guide)
3. Post comments to at least one question each week (from the 'P' section in the study guide) on either FB, on this blog, and/or on your own blog
4. Try to interact with the other member's posts as much as possible
that's it! you'll have a chance to re-sign... up every six weeks for a total of 24 weeks. 

Q: What is the deadline for registration?
A: Each quarter, I will close registration on the start date or when the participant list reaches 60 people- whichever comes first. I will not be accepting late registrations- though if you missed the deadline, you can catch up with the next quarter!

Q: Do I have to post on a certain day? at a certain time?
A: You can post any day after the day you are emailed the link to the Trail Guide.  I'm hoping everyone will post before they go to bed on the due dates listed in the timeline, but there's grace available all over the place. 

Q: Is there a cost associated?
A: Nope. This is a no $ study, but I will ask in exchange your ample grace for me, a newbie in the writing-a-Bible-study field :)

Q: How do I choose how to interact?
A: There are three ways to interact, and though I'll ask you to choose just one for a primary method, you are free to do all three. How you post may vary on where you're posting. Here are the main differences:
Facebook: this is the most private way to post... your answers to the discussion questions will be visible to only the people in the study,but limited to the amount of characters allowable by FB.
This blog: If you're not a Facebooker, this will be a great way to interact.  All your responses will be visible to anyone on the internet, and your words will be limited to what will fit in the response form.
Your blog: This is the best way for those of you who prefer writing without limitations.  Your responses will be viewable for all who can see your blog.