About Groups

Groups Q & A

*this is the part where I remind all of you that you are in a Bible study led by a newbie*

Q. How did you assign groups?
A. I used the request form that most of you filled out.  Then, through a very unscientific process, I filled in the empty spots with the ‘put me anywhere’ people.

Q. Are the group assignments final?
A. I’m going to try to be tough and say yes. However, if this is going to freak you out, please email me… I’m sure we can work something out.

Q. Why groups?
A. When I prayed for God to send whomever He wanted to, I never dreamed that there would be 58 people in the first quarter and 39 people in the second who would want join up!  My fear was that we would lose the personal accountability that is so important (and part of the reason to join an online study) if we stayed one big mass of people. I also was worried that I would have a hard time caring for that many people every week.  Right after I was done praying about these issues, I got some great Jethro-style advice, and voila! The idea of smaller groups was born.

Q. How will groups work if I am participating mainly via Facebook?
A. Each week, I will post 5 separate discussion topics on the group page (look under the ‘discussions’ tab)- one for each color group. You’ll be able to write your answers and encourage the others in your group. I am hoping you'll be able to 'friend' the others in your group too. If you need help with this, let me know.

Q. How will groups work if I am participating mainly via the Backpacking through Joshua Blog?
A. Each week, I will put up a new blog post with the discussion questions. You can leave your answers in the comment section.

Q. How will groups work if I am participating mainly on my own Blog?
A. Each week, you will send a link to the post on your blog that answers that week’s discussion questions by leaving a comment in the comments section of that week's post here on this blog.  My BFF Judi will like you up in the main body of the question. You can encourage the others in your group by visiting their blog, or leaving comments on either the fb or blog pages for your group.

Q. What if I want to interact with other groups in addition to my own?
A. Go right ahead!

Q. What if people in my group are participating in a different way than I am? How will I interact with them?
A.  I wanted to group people so that everyone would be participating in the same way within each group, but due to requests, that was just a dream. I am sending you a chart that will tell you how to find each of your group members.  You can choose to interact however many ways you want, but also feel free to just interact with the people within your group who are participating in the same ways you are.  Remember- this is an experiment. Do what you can, and please don’t feel pressure to do more than what you are able.

Q. My group is large. How will I keep up a relationship with all those people?
A. You probably won't! I'll be praying that you'll fall in with one or two people that you really click with.

Q. Are there any rules for commenting?
A. Just be nice. That's all I have so far. I'll add more rules if they become necessary.